Tree Removal Next to Fence

Mike's Tree Service has tree removal experience with trees even when they are in close proximity to a structure, such as your house. These pictures are from jobs in Washington County including Tigard, Portland and Beaverton. Call if you need tree removal services because you have a tree in your yard that "when" it falls, it will damage valuable assets such as the tree falling on houses, cars, RVs, hot tub and of course, potentially falling on and hurting people.

Tree Next To Fence Needs To Be Removed

 These pictures show the removal of a tree located dangerously close to a fence in the Tigard area of Washington County. The goal was to remove the tree and not hurt the fence.



Other Images of Removing Tree Next to a Fence

Tree Cutting Next to Fence

Tree is cut into sections which can be safely lowered to the ground.

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Mikes Tree Service cutting tree into section for removal

 Mikes Tree Service shown here removing a dead tree.