Fallen Tree Removal in West Linn

West Linn is home to many trees that if they fall, they will fall on some of your valuable property which could be damaged. Trees fall and damage houses, fences, cars, SUV and other items all the time. Worse, a tree or loose branches could fall and hurt people. Wind storms, snow storms often bring trees down in West Linn, but sometimes they just fall for no apparent reason. If you would like Mike to look over your trees for potential damage they could cause, please call.

Fallen Tree Removal in West Linn

 Mikes is experienced in taking down trees in West Linn even in the tightest spots.  The pictures below show Mikes Tree Service removing a tree which had already fallen on a house.

Tree Service in Lake Oswego


Other Images of Cutting Down a Dangerous Tree in Lake Oswego

Tree Has Fallen On House in Oregon City

 Tree fell on the house.  Tree needs to be removed from the roof of the house.

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Mikes Tree Service in Lake Oswego

 Tree is cut into sections which can be safely lowered to the ground protecting the landscape and property around it from further damage.

Removing a dead tree next to structure in Oregon City

 Mike's staff notes all is going well in getting this downed tree off the house in West Linn.