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Tree removal specialists.  Removing dangerous trees, pruning, view clearing, stump grinding, lot clearing, falling and logging. 24 hour emergency tree removal service.

Tree Service in Lake Oswego

Mike's Tree Service has tree removal experience with trees even when they are in close proximity to a structure, such as your house.

Call if you have a tree in your Lake Oswego yard that "when" it falls, it will damage valuable assets such as the tree falling on houses, cars, RVs, hot tub and of course, potentially falling on and hurting people.

Tree Removal Next to Lake Oswego Residence

Climbing a dead tree in a Lake Oswego neighborhood

Cutting Down a Tree in Lake Oswego: The tree is cut into sections which can be safely lowered to the ground. This tree service is also ideal if the landscape around the tree must be protected.

Climbing a dead tree

Mikes Tree Service shown here removing a dead tree like many trees in Lake Oswego, OR.

tree service - removing a dead tree in Lake Oswego

Removing a dead tree before it falls, causing tree damage to houses, cars, fences. Every year, trees fall on Lake Oswego houses just like yours. In many of those cases, the tree could be identified in advance as dangerous and taken down, before causing major property damage.

tree service - removing dead tree in Lake Oswego, OR